Frame and Lens Markings

Markings stamped

If you look closely at your SHAMIR SAFETY and Eyres Safety Optics glasses you’ll see markings stamped on the inside of the frame (long stems of the arms, behind your ears) and on the lens. The numbers and markings are designed to describe the unique specifications of your glasses.

You will always see a notification of the manufacturer. Indicated on our lenses as the Eyres logo.

You may also see a symbol to indicate mechanical strength.

Mechanical Strength Symbol
Increased Robustness S
Low Impact F
Medium impact B
High Impact A

The category number outlining the tint and UV protection.

Marking Category % of Light Tint Category
IO 80-100% Outdoor Untinted: Untinted Lens and UV Protections
0 93-98% Cat. 0. No light reduction. Untinted.
1 43-80% Cat. 1. Limited Light Reduction. Some UV and Glare Protection.
2 18-43% Cat. 2. Medium Sun Glare Reduction. Good UV Protection.
3 8-18% Cat. 3. High Sun Glare Protection. Good UV Protection.
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